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A house profile page on with a photo gallery, videos, 360 images, contacts and booking options.
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Compare plans for Marketing

Plans are based on the location of listings, allowing you to advertise different locations at different times of the year.

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Compare plans

Plans are based on the location of listings, allowing you to advertise different locations at different times of the year.


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The basics for landlords getting started.

Our flagship plan for student property managers.

Advanced advertising for industry-leading operators.




per location/month*

per location/month*


50% annual saving!

12 month commitment

* Prices exclude VAT

Enquiry limits

Per day

When you exceed your enquiry limit for the day, your listings will no longer be visible in search results. Daily limits reset at midnight everyday.




Per month

When you exceed your enquiry limit for the month, your listings will no longer be visible in search results. Monthly limits reset at midnight on the last day of every month.




Per year

When you exceed your enquiry limit for the year, your listings will no longer be visible in search results. Yearly limits reset at the end of the academic year, midnight on 30 September.




Enquiry methods


Receive phone enquiries from prospective tenants to your preferred contact number directly through our secure communications system. Your contact details will never be publicly visible on listings.


Receive message/email enquiries from prospective tenants straight to your inbox.

Book Now (Instant bookings)*

Allow prospective tenants to book your property directly from the property listing by selecting one of the availabilities you offer. *Requires an Operations Pro or Business plan.


Viewing bookings integrated into listings

One booked viewing is equivalent to an enquiry for enquiry limits.


Marketing analytics

Analyse the performance of your listings on and access advanced market data insights.

Featured listings

Boost the position of your listings in search results with increased property scores.

Daily remarketing

Your listings will be eligible to feature in daily remarketing emails to prospective tenants based on their preferences.

Channel Manager

25+ partner sites

Manage your listings in one central place and feed out to 25+ 3rd party platforms.

Rightmove, On The Market & Zoopla

List your properties on Rightmove, On The Market and Zoopla via real-time feed from your StuRents account. Requires an account with your chosen property portal.

Users & collaboration

Applies across all products

Unlimited users

Add your whole team no matter how big or small.

Simultaneous users

Allow multiple users to log in at the same time.




Permission management

Manage the access team members have to view and edit from billing to tenancy contracts.

Team chat*

Align your internal team communications with one-to-one and group messages. *Requires an Operations Pro or Business plan.


Applies across all products

Help centre

Access in-depth guides on system processes and features.

Support ticket response

Service-level agreement (SLA) for initial response times on support tickets.

3 business days

1 business day

1 business day

Show prices inclusive of VAT

Commonly asked questions

How do locations work?

Property listings are grouped by their location. If you have properties in multiple locations you can purchase an upgrade on a location by location basis. All listings that fall within the location will benefit from the features of the plan you choose.

How do I receive enquiries?

Prospective tenants will be able to contact you directly from your listings. If you have a Pro or Business Operations plan, enable Book Now to allow instant bookings.

Find out more about StuRents Operations

Will my contact details be displayed publicly?

Our secure communications platform guarantees that your phone number and email address will never be publicly displayed on property listings so you can receive calls to your preferred phone number or email address.

Can I import my listings via a property software feed?

Yes. We support a number of property software feeds that allow you to import your listings. You can also centrally manage your listings directly on StuRents and send the data out to your website and other property portals using the channel manager.

What's the setup process like?

We’ve made the process as quick as possible. It only takes a few minutes to get your listings set up and submit the details required for account verification. Once you’ve been approved and you are happy with your listings, publish them immediately to prospective tenants.