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Why advertise with StuRents?

Flexible listing options to meet your needs

Wave goodbye to annual contracts! You can list all of your student properties with us, and for more exposure at peak season we offer monthly upgrades at affordable prices

The UK's largest student property portal

We list over half a million student bedspaces across 100 UK locations, making us the UK's largest dedicated student property marketing platform

Online contract signing

Everyone who lists with us is automatically given access to our Operations platform - a fully featured online contract signing system

Fully integrated tenancy services

We have integrated a full suite of tenancy-related services into our online contract signing platform, helping you to make your administrative processes as streamlined as possible

Streamlined payment collection

Whether it's deposit collections or rental payments, our payment platform provides you with market-leading infrastructure at the very best prices

Automated deposit protection

Our automated deposit protection platform saves you time and money whilst also helping make sure you comply with regulations around deposit certificates