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Our property listing pages provide renters with clear and detailed information for over 750,000 student rooms nationwide, including a photo gallery, videos, 360 images, contacts and booking options. Helping them make the most informed decision when choosing their next home.

About StuRents

StuRents is the UK's leading student accommodation search, property management and data platform that connects renters to over 750,000 student rooms nationwide.

For tenants, provides an online shop window to efficiently find and contract their next home. For operators, StuRents provides an end to end tenancy-management engine to facilitate the full range of operational needs, such as contract signing, rent collection, referencing and deposit protection.

This unique, end-to-end solution underpins StuRents' market-leading data insights, providing independent and granular up-to-date analysis to industry stakeholders.

Branded tenant apps allow StuRents powered Operators to run a seamless end-to-end rental journey.

Our story so far

StuRents was founded in 2008 by Mike Lehan, Michael Rainsford and Tom Walker as students at Durham University. The initial mission was to make it easier for renters to find available properties and make the most informed decision when choosing their next home.

The business quickly expanded nationally, and it was in 2015 that we launched our first property management features into the platform, allowing operators to electronically manage and sign tenancy agreements online.

Since then, through consistent investment in the technology that underpins what we do, StuRents has become the trusted platform for a large number of the industry's leading operators, providing market-first and market-leading technology to support the entire rental journey from search to end of tenancy.

Our core product offering

StuRents Marketing Product


Over 750,000 student rooms nationwide

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StuRents Operations Product


End-to-end property management software

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StuRents Data Insights Product

Data Insights

Leading data analysis in 46 locations

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FAQ's about StuRents

Where is StuRents based and which university locations do you operate in?

We started our story as students at Durham University in 2008 with a simple goal of helping students more easily find their next student home. We now have offices in London and Manchester and list student accommodation in close to 100 UK & Ireland towns and cities with higher education presence.

How do I list my student property on StuRents?

All new accounts go through a verification process to ensure we only present real, available property listings to prospective tenants. We’ve made this process as quick and easy as possible. Once you’ve been approved and you are happy with your listings, you’re free to publish them immediately to prospective tenants. You can set up an account for free today and join over 700,000 rooms already listed.

Do you only offer student property advertising services?

Since founding in 2008, we have been at the forefront of technology development in the UK & Ireland student property sector. Beyond advertising your student properties alongside over 700,000 rooms already listed, we have developed one of the industry’s largest and fastest growing property management systems, which you can find out more about here. The StuRents Operations platform provides an end to end tenancy-management engine to support the full rental lifecycle, including contract signing, rent collection, referencing, deposit protection, maintenance reporting and branded tenant mobile apps to simplify communications with tenants.

Can StuRents help me buy or sell student houses?

The StuRents marketing platform is focused on helping prospective tenants find and rent their next student home. We do not list student properties for sale. That said, StuRents is home to the industry’s leading data insights and research, and as such we have become a pre-eminent supplier of data and analysis to many of the industry’s leading operators, investors, lenders and developers. If you would like to explore our data capabilities, you can get in touch with our Research Team today.

Can I list and operate all types of student accommodation on StuRents?

Yes you can. Back in 2008, we made the decision to build a platform to support all modes of student living, including shared student houses and purpose built student accommodation (PBSA). As a result, StuRents now lists over 500,000 rooms of shared student houses (often referred to as HMOs) and over 200,000 rooms of PBSA property. By doing so, we give prospective student tenants a level of choice unrivalled by any other platform, suited to the widest range of budgets, needs and locations within each town and city we operate in.

How is StuRents different to other property listing platforms?

We are the only platform in the market to bring together a leading marketplace for student rental properties with an industry leading property management software in StuRents Operations. This allows our customers to drive operating efficiency unrivalled by any other platform or combination of platforms. One example of this is the Book Now option you will see on many StuRents listings. This feature allows prospective tenants (individually or in a group) to search and secure a property by signing the tenancy there and then, making a payment if necessary and providing the documentation and information needed to complete the tenancy process.

I would like to start using the StuRents operations platform. Can I get a testimonial from an existing customer first?

Over the last 14 years, we have become the business we are today as a result of our customers kindly sharing their positive experiences of working with the StuRents team and our range of products. As a result, we strongly appreciate the role that feedback and customer references play in our customer onboarding journey. When the time is right, we would be delighted to introduce you to an existing customer that shares some of your operating challenges and requirements, to help you form a clear view on how you can get the most out of the StuRents ecosystem.