Breakthrough Series Collaborative (BTSC)

What is BTSC?

This free 12-month program is an opportunity for clinics and practices to receive real time guidance and support from national experts on implementing Collaborative Care Model (CoCM). This program is open to any organization who serves a population with chronic mental health conditions, and who is committed to make lasting improvements to best serve their population. Applications are due by August 7, 2023.

What is CoCM?

CoCM is a systematic approach to treating mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders in primary care settings. The primary care team integrates the services of Behavioral Health Care Managers (BHCMs) and consulting psychiatrists with primary care provider (PCP) oversight to proactively manage chronic mental health conditions.


A committed team of 5-6 from each participating clinic and practice will participate in a series of learning sessions, coaching calls, and trainings throughout a 12-month period. These series of activities are meant to help foster accountability and buy-in towards implementation of changes that can get your organization closer to CoCM. An ideal team will include at least one leader (ex. Chief Medical officer) as well as PCP, BHCM, Care Coordinator, etc.


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Benefits of the Collaborative:

  • Teams will be able to test, measure, implement and spread changes through a series of Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles to create lasting improvements in their organization.
  • Teams will have access peer learning opportunities to share best practices and lessons, including learning sessions and trainings.
  • Teams will have regular access to a network of subject matter experts, including one-on-one coaching calls.
  • Teams will have access to technical assistance on how to facilitate a collaborative implementation process.

Meet the Faculty

Monica Harrison, MSW, LCSW

Lead Faculty

Practice Coach & Clinical Trainer

University of Washington AIMS Center

Dr. Virna Little


Chief Clinical Officer and Co-founder of Concert Health, a leading medical group.

Dr. Patty Gibson


Psychiatrist, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer for Arkansas Behavioral Health Integration.

Dr. Dan Crowe


Senior Consultant

Wild Blue Health Solutions

BTSC Schedule

8/23/23 BTSC Orientation option 1 12-1 pm
8/31/23 BTSC Orientation option 2 12-1 pm
09/06/2023 Learning Session #1 Day 1 12-4 pm
09/11/2023 Learning Session #1 Day 2 12-4 pm
10/11/2023 Coaching Call 12-1 pm
11/08/2023 Coaching Call 12-1 pm
12/06/2023 Coaching Call 12-1 pm
01/10/2024 Learning Session #2 Day 1 12-4pm
01/17/2024 Learning Session #2 Day 2 12-4pm
02/07/2024 Coaching Call 12-1pm
03/06/2024 Coaching Call 12-1pm
04/10/2024 Coaching Call 12-1pm
05/08/2024 Coaching Call 12-1pm
06/05/2024 Coaching Call 12-1pm
07/10/2024 Coaching Call 12-1pm
08/07/2024 Learning Session #3 12-4pm

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