The program utilizes a train-the-trainer format and trains two designated facilitators from a campus on the Center’s core modules, lesson plans, and activities and prepares them to teach the modules to the staff at their home campus. Core modules include Children’s Mental Health, Trauma-Informed Classrooms, Trauma 102, Youth Suicide Prevention, and Self-Care for Educators. The training modules fulfill TEA requirements for mental health and suicide prevention training and help infuse mental health awareness into the campus culture. Some helpful information regarding the program:

  • Facilitators will be trained on all five modules by Center Professional Development staff
  • Modules are 1.5 hours in length and include a variety of activities and videos to reflect different learning styles
  • Facilitators will receive access to all training materials following the train the trainer sessions
  • Each facilitator will receive a continuing education credit certificate
  • Materials are updated on an annual basis to ensure they are reflective of current mental and behavioral health information

Contact: To learn more about bringing the program to your campus, contact csbhinfo@mhahouston.org.






Through activities, role-play, video, and demonstrations, participants will spend 90 mins gaining a baseline understanding of the difference between mental health and mental illness, exploring the stigma of mental health, learning how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a student who may be developing a mental health challenge, and creating a plan to help.

Contact: For questions, contact csbhinfo@mhahouston.org.



Based on three SAMHSA Nationally Recognized Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) youth suicide prevention programs, this training uses video, discussion and role-play to enable participants to feel comfortable identifying signs and symptoms of youth suicide and how to assist a student who may be suicidal.

Contact: For questions, contact csbhinfo@mhahouston.org.



Through activities, role-play, and video, participants will spend 90 mins learning how to recognize signs and symptoms in students displaying behavioral health concerns, how trauma affects learning and how to address these effects; and how to appropriately respond to young people experiencing mental health issues.

Contact:  For questions, contact csbhinfo@mhahouston.org.


This training module was created as a follow-up to Trauma-Informed Classroom. Participants will spend 90 mins interacting and utilizing strategies to create a trauma-informed classroom and campus. Participants will also discuss how cultural awareness, equity, and racial/historical trauma impact the classroom.

Contact: For questions, contact csbhinfo@mhahouston.org.



Student well-being and academic success depends on the stability and well-being of teachers and caregivers. This highly interactive 75 min workshop focuses on self-care and stress reduction for educators and other caregivers. New skills can be applied immediately and many activities can be used with students.

Contact:  For questions, contact csbhinfo@mhahouston.org.


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