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How to find the right uni housemates

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When you live in halls, you don't have any control over who you get to live with. Once you move into your next years of study, if you decide to live out of halls, you'll be able to choose who you want to be your housemates. This gives you a chance to live with some of your best friends and curate a cohesive group.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Not every friend makes the perfect housemate. If you want to avoid a year of bickering over the bins and tense silences in the living room, we've put together a guide on how to find the right uni housemates for you. 

Consider what's important to you

Before you start thinking about who you might like to live with, consider what's important to you about your housing situation. Have you got a strict budget for accommodation, or can you be more flexible? Is a prime location essential for you, or are you happy to live further out? Do you need your space to be perfectly clean, or do you hate when your flatmates nag you about mess? 

Working out your own housing priorities in advance will help you navigate conversations with friends and potential housemates, so you can find someone who aligns with what you want. 

Don't rush things

Of course, the sooner you start thinking about and looking for next year's student accommodation, the more options you'll have. But this doesn't mean you should agree to live with the first people who ask if you're not completely sure. Often students will continue living with their first-year flatmates out of convenience. But this doesn't always lead to the most cohesive living environments in second year. Take time to think about which of your friends you would most like to live with before you commit. 

Consider all your friends

If you've decided you don't want to carry on living with your flatmates from halls, you still have loads of options. Speak to your friends on your course and see what their living situation is. You can also meet people through the clubs and societies you attend and see if they might be potential uni housemates. You already attend the same society so you have at least one thing in common!

Use social media

If you're still struggling to find the right uni housemates, you might want to look outside your immediate circles. There are lots of people in exactly the same situation as you. Social media is a great tool for meeting new people. Your university should have different groups and pages you can join, some of which will be designed to help students find housemates. Join some groups, get talking to people, and see if anything clicks. 

Talk to your university 

Your university will have a housing office that can advise you about student accommodation both on and off campus. They might be able to point you in the direction of other students looking for uni housemates, or tell you about university-organised events designed to help students meet potential housemates. 

What next?

Once you've identified the perfect housemates for you and asked them to live with you, you can finally start your search for a student house! Take a look at, the UK's leading student accommodation platform, for an extensive selection of options in your city.


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